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How to Create a Heart shaped folding Valentines card : DIY Video Tutorial

A simple and clever heart shaped folded card based on the Victorian Puzzle purse idea, perfect for adding 'secret' calligraphy messages inside. A lovely take on a DIY Valentines card.

Folded Heart Puzzle purse card with ribbon

To make:

Using a sheet of A4 card or paper, fold and cut a 21cm x 21cm square.

Follow the video, making a series of simple straight folds

2 x diagonal folds

1 x horizontal fold

Create the folded base square and either use a heart shape template ( I include one in my newsletter with some message idea templates this week) or draw your own.

Once you've folded your heart you can add calligraphy messages to the inside leaf quarters and decorate with a name or address on the outside. Finish with a red ribbon to tie.

Unfolding the heart shaped folded puzzle purse
Adding ribbon to the folded heart card

If you're new to calligraphy why not head over to my newsletter - you'll receive 2 free brush calligraphy template quotes when you join me - plus this week I'm posting 4 Valentine's templates just perfect to fit inside this DIY folded heart.

If you have a go at making your own heart shaped folding valentines card, do let me know!

Of course there are lots of inspiring puzzle purse ideas on instagram and pinterest, in particular I love the illustrated versions from Leapling Studio, and I was hugely inspired by Jules at The Inkling Studio who writes in a beautifully cursive script that perfectly

sits alongside her vintage treasures.


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