B E S P O K E  //  L O G O   D E S I G N 


Jen Roffe Logo design



The brief was to create a new logo for St. Albans Fashion Week 2015 that could be used on all SAFW materials, print, online and digital. The logo needed to be clean, contemporary, bright and bold, and must be recognisable and memorable. 

I created a brush hand-lettering style for this logo to work on both square and rectangular formats alongside my cityscape illustration of St Albans.

Jen Roffe brush lettering logo design



Jen Roffe Logo design Wedding heart Locket

Michelle Wiggett is a professional photographer from St Albans, Hertfordshire specialising in wedding, equine and family photography. Michelle contacted me to design a heart locket and key motif that would fit with her chosen typeface for all branding across web and print. She wanted a sketched hand-drawn effect that would work online as well as for brochures and embossing.

Jen Roffe Locket logo design
Jen Roffe Logo design hear key illustration

My Ode To You is a gift service offering beautiful, unique, personalised poems that perfectly capture how you feel about the recipient, their lovely personalities and your precious memories together.

The team needed a logo, a header, layout and border illustrations to use on each poem and associated printed matter (packaging/gift vouchers etc). It was important to have a 'friendly' hand-drawn feel that helped convey the feel and the sentiment of their poems.

Unframed print gift with hand drawn logo with stars
My ode to you personalised hand lettering logo and border
My ode to you - hand lettered banner logo




One of The Telegraph's top 50 interior design blogs 'Tales from a Happy House' commissioned me to create their title header image. 

Hand lettered scandi house blog header
Jen Roffe logo teapot illustration





Winterwood Tea Company contacted me after seeing my 'Tea & happy things' print. They wanted to create a similar feel for their logo for their handcrafted artisan tea company.