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Part of  my 'Brush' collection, featuring hand drawn brush calligraphy lettering.

Simple and monochrome, this framed print makes a wonderful gift for friends.

Be smart,
Be kind,
Be charming,
Be honest,
Be stylish,
Be silly,
Be fabulous!

Fine rules to live by indeed!

This is high quality professionally printed word-art from original pen and ink hand-lettering.
Printed on thick 300gsm matte off-white card, which is perfect for crisp, detailed illustrations.

Each individual piece is signed by the artist.

Product image shows A4 print which is available as a framed or unframed print.
Also avilable framed and unframed  in 7x9".


The frame in the image is slightly narrower than my standard frames and for styling purposes only.



PriceFrom £16.00
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